CyberShack TV Season 26: Ep5 – Trend Micro Security Suite and Home Network Security

The Trend Micro Security Suite offers a complete package that protects PCs,  Macs, as well as any Android and iOS devices you have from malware, ransomware, viruses and other threats.

It doesn’t only protect your devices, but it also protects your personal information by monitoring the dark web, so if your account or personal information has been compromised, Trend Micro will alert you immediately.

A VPN, otherwise known as a virtual private network, is also included in the security suite as well, so you can connect to the internet privately and give your data an extra layer of protection.

Passwords are the most vulnerable point for most people. Thankfully Trend Micro’s Security Suite offers a password manager that can generate unique secure passwords for all your accounts, ensuring that if one account gets leaked, the others aren’t at risk as well.

And for the home network and connected smart devices like smart TVs gaming consoles and smart speakers, Trend Micro has you covered with Trend Micro Home Network Security.

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