CyberShack TV Season 26: Ep2 – TP-Link Deco Range

TP-Link have brought out their latest addition to their Deco range which is designed to kill Wi-Fi dead-zones with their Mesh Technology that’s easy to set up and gives you reliable coverage throughout your home. Say hello to the Deco M9 Plus.

The Deco M9 Plus can deliver Wi-Fi to an area of up to 420 square metres with its two-pack. If you need more range, add another Deco unit to the network whenever you’re ready.

Broadly speaking, the AC number is the speed you’ll get from the internal network, and the higher up the model range you go, the higher the speeds.

The Deco M9 will be able to provide a fast and stable connection with speeds of up to 2134 megabytes per second.

Strategically placing mesh routers is key. If you have a large home area with multiple floors, it can be a good idea to place one unit on each floor, or one at each end of the house to maximise your network coverage.

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