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Many laptops like those from Apple and Microsoft are eliminating USB ports in the name of slimness, but many of us still want to plug more than one device into our machine.

A-logic’s USB-C Hub provides you with more ports to maximise your productivity, and spend less time plugging devices in and out of your computer.

Keeping your devices charged throughout the day is essential – if you run out of battery it can be devastating to miss out on crucial notetaking time. Cygnett’s ChargeUp Powerbank offers 20,000mAh of battery, allowing you to power your laptop all day without needing to tether to a wall plug. With a number of other ports, it can keep your phone charged at the same time, offering you all the battery you need through the working day.

Office 365 keeps your programs updated to the latest version all the time, and includes a full terabyte of cloud storage. With OneDrive, your documents are synced to the cloud, so the notes you take on your laptop are automatically brought straight home to your desktop to continue just where you left off.

The all new Norton 360 offers comprehensive device protection against viruses and online threats. This security suite doesn’t stop at a simple antivirus program – it also offers a VPN for protecting your identity and personal details online, as well as a password manager for storing your login details securely.