CyberShack TV Season 26: Ep1 – G-Mee Connect

Back To School is a popular time of the year for many to get their first Smart Phone. It might be a device to take with you to and from school, or you might be looking for something that offers more independence now you are getting older. G-mee Connect is a brand-new solution that includes Smart Features and Safety, all in a 5 inch Smart Device.

G-mee is a smart, yet safe entertainment offer and is the perfect solution for anyone wanting on the go entertainment via your favourite compatible Android apps.

Streaming music, Podcasts, E-books and most other popular app based services can be enjoyed on a G-mee device.

G-mee includes a 2200mAh battery, 5 inch plastic touch screen, a 3.5mm head phone jack and a built in speaker loud enough to fill a room with music.

The goal of G-mee is to offer a safer solution for new device users. There are no cameras included on a G-mee device, so you can’t create and overshare pics or videos.

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