CyberShack TV Season 25: Ep12 – G-mee

We all love our smart devices and the benefits of enjoying them in more places, but a new device launching shortly promises to offer all the entertainment benefits of a smart devices, regardless of your level of digital savviness. 

G-mee, is perfect for enjoying Android compatible apps like streaming music with Spotify and Apple Music. But also Podcasts, E-books and most other favourite entertainment services.  

G-mee Plus is next in line up. It’s the same G-mee hardware, but G-mee plus is a Google registered device. So, we’ve pre-installed some Google services like Youtube, Maps and Chrome. We’ve also made it easy to download and install your favourite apps via Google play store. 

And finally there is G-mee Connect. Your G-mee connect will stream your favourite entertainment via wifi and 4g cellular, and make and receive calls and text.  

It’s safe and lots of fun, regardless of how digitally savvy you are. You can find more details about G-mee at 

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