CyberShack TV Season 25: Ep10 – Huawei P30 Pro Wide Angle

The Huwaei P30 Pro is built for high performance and designed to be a powerhouse in the palm of your hand jam-packed with features. 

If you want to get that unique angle that puts your photos ahead of the rest, the 20 mega-pixel Ultra Wide Angle Lens is for you. It’s perfect for those photos where you struggle to get everything in the shot – giving you more freedom with where you shoot. If you’re trying to take a photo but space isn’t on your side, then this is the lens that’s perfect for you.

Thanks to its 16-millimetre equivalent focal length, you can get up close and personal with anything and capture it all in the frame without anyone ruining the shot for you. Perfect for those days that you are trying to beat the crowd, or you don’t quite have the space on your side.

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