Computers looking for future Olympians

Parents can now test their kids online to find out their sporting potential.

Potential sporting superstars may now be unearthed as children thanks to a new program developed by the Australian Sports Commission.

Called eTID, after the National Talent Identification and Development Program, the site offers a series of “home based” performance tests and measurements from which the user can record their results and then enter them into the website.

Anyone that has good results or shows particular skill in a certain sport can then go for a more detailed evaluation at one of 20 talent assessment centres at universities and sporting institutes around Australia.

Jason Gulbin, manager of the NTID, said bringing universities into the sporting network would capture talent from regional areas and from Greater Western Sydney.

“We needed a way to access those who might be in sporting clubs outside the metropolitan system,” he said.

“In the past it’s been difficult to capture people from the entire talent pool, particularly from smaller communities.”

The next assessment is at the University of Western Sydney, where up to 30 hopefuls are expected to attend.

Source: The Australian