Club Shack Competition – April. Closes 6 May 2007.

This month’s competition prize is the Soundmatters Mainstage HD with the SUBStage 100. This prize retails for around $1,000. So if you’re after some hi-def sound and bass to fill up your house, be sure to enter! Entry is via an answer to our quick question.

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In need of a serious home theatre speaker system? We’ve got the Soundmatters Mainstage HD with the SUBStage 100 to give away. The Mainstage is a multi speaker console with built in amplifiers and digital processing. This means that with it you’ll have hi definition sound that can fill up a room. Couple that with a Substage 100, a subwoofer in a tight small package, the bass sound quality in your house will go off.

Together this package is worth around RRP $999

To make entering this competition easy we have come up with a unique way of giving away this prize.

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