Cloud-Based Music Sharing From Blackberry

  • Share songs with contacts
  • Number of tracks depends on number of friends
  • Costs $5.99 a month

BlackBerry has launched its cloud-based social music experience, BlackBerryBBM Music, which will be available on a 30 day free trial for a limited time only.

BBM Music allows BlackBerry users to build an evolving, community-based music library that starts with their own 50-song collection. The collection can be selected from a catalogue with millions of songs from leading record labels including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI.

The size of users’ shared music library will expand as they make more BBM Music friends from their existing BBM contact list or by making new ones. Once activated, users can check to see which of their contacts are already using the app, or who needs to be invited to the BBM Music Community.

The more BBM users have in their list, the more beats they can swap so (for example) if you have twenty five friends, your music collection will expand to 1250 songs.

Key features of BBM Music include:  

  • Up to 25 songs can be swapped out each month, so users can keep their collections fresh as they discover new music and share it with their friends.
  • Up to 50 tracks from a person’s personal profile are shared with his or her BBM Music Community, and each member of that community shares up to 50 songs from their profile in return.
  • You can create multiple playlists from music in your profile as well as all of your friends’ profiles, and with one click you can shuffle the entire collection of music from your BBM Music Community. You can even see which friend contributed each song while it plays and chat about one another’s musical selections.
  • The more friends who join the community, the more songs everyone can listen to.
  • Music can be saved to smartphones for offline listening, allowing users to access songs even when they don’t have wireless coverage.
  • Monthly subscription of $5.99.
  • Users will need to ensure they have updated their smartphone with the latest version of BlackBerry  Messenger (BBM 6).