Classic Game Gets Modern Makeover

  • 3D recreation of classic racing game
  • Build your own track
  • Invite friends to take challenge

Customise your track, personalise your car and terrorise your opposition on the new official Scalextric racing application for the iPhone and iPad. In conjunction with game developer, Sabec, the first application from Scalextric lets gamers speed through 3D worlds.

The Scalextric track creator allows you to build your own challenging circuit by choosing from a selection of Scalextric track pieces and assembling new circuits. You can race against an opponent or simply beat your PB on a time trial. The app, which costs just 59p (GBP) on the iTunes App store, lets you play on pre-loaded tracks or mix it up with your own track designs

When you have created and chosen your track, it's time to let the car become the star by choosing from four speedy Scalextric car models and customising your ride with a range of designs and colours. You can share your designs and race on other gamer's tracks by entering the worldwide community that is the Apple Game Centre.

Scalextric is one of the first iPhone/iPad games to take advantage of Apple's Game Centre, giving you instant access to a global community of mobile gamers. A player can not only take advantage of this by sharing designs and tracks, but can also invite friends to a game and battle to reach the highest scores of players around the world and with additional add on tracks available to purchase the racing possibilities are endless.

Whether racing against a friend via the Game Centre or a digital foe in the shape of the games smart Artificial Intelligence, winning won't come easy. Scalextric uses Retina Display to give gamers state-of-the-art crisp graphics, you can race in 3D graphics and be transported straight back to the bedroom floors of your youth.