Classic Game For iPad

  • Use wifi and Bluetooth to battle it out
  • 3D scenes
  • Ghost Harvest for iPhone and iPod

One of the most popular board games from years gone by is now available from the Apple app store for the iPad.

Intense graphic performance of your iPad brings the strategic action of Battleships to life, claims the developer. Launch strikes with tactical precision on the large Multi-Touch display, witness big guns blazing and smoke-billowing carriers sinking to their dooms, and escalate the intensity with new ships, more powerful weapons, and wider-scale battle environments including 3D scenes in fog, storms, and balmy sunshine.

Gamers can challenge a friend and recreate the classic board game experience on the iPad in the Two-Player Mode. Also, go iPad to iPad (or iPhone/iPod touch) with Local Multiplayer over Bluetooth and Wifi.

You can engage enemies in additional single-player modes; take on seaborne enemies in the authentic Classic Mode; fire at will in the intense Salvo Mode; or employ an array of lethal power in Super Weapons Mode. 

In other news, Ghost Harvest will be available for both the iPhone and iPod, which will include the ability to:

  • Harvest tonnes of souls – plant, grow and harvest souls to earn you big karma points and coins. With zombie, grumpy bird and pirate ghosts, who needs crops?
  • Protect your enterprise – grow poltergeists to stop reporters, education channel ghost hunters and the Paranormal Patrol from ruining your altruistic enterprise in a tower defense style mini-game.
  • Deck out your cemetery – customise your cemetery by adding cool and unique decorations: Cerberus Scarecrows, mausoleums, haunted mansions and more.
  • Grow your karma and profits – increase the size of your graveyard by levelling up so you can get new items and scare off bigger, craftier invaders.

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