Classic Galaga For Xbox 360

  • Face thousands of Galaga aliens
  • Customise your game
  • Capture aliens to fight for you

Classic arcade game Galaga comes to life with Namco Bandai releasing  Galaga Legions DX via Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360.

Developed by the team behind last year’s Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Galaga Legions DX drops players in the middle of the largest Galaga armada ever assembled and the most chaotic space war imaginable.

Players will face thousands of Galaga aliens as they blast their way through ten Areas, each with its own unique stages and Galaga formations.  Galaga Legions DX also lets players customise their game by choosing from a selection of Galaga skins, including the classic original. Players will have plenty of offensive and defensive options at their disposal. Focus Fire allows the space ship’s rate of fire to increase the closer they are to the enemy, enabling players drill through the heart of an approaching Galaga swarm.

The player’s space ship is now outfitted with two special satellite guns that are always at your ship’s side and can flip between two firing modes at a press of a button. Both satellites will fire straight ahead in any direction you point them in for head-on attacks, or switch to the alternate firing mode where the satellites will mirror each other’s shots for when a player’s ship is totally surrounded in all directions. In certain stages through the game, a sort of black hole will appear. Shoot it to capture all the Galaga aliens on-screen and have them join your legion to fight for you. Your Galaga legions will provide ultimate firepower, but are easily destroyed.

800 Microsoft Points

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