Check into your flight with your iPhone

Qantas are going to offer an online-check in method where you can use your iPhone as your boarding pass.

Qantas are going to allow travellers to check into their flight using their iPhone as a boarding pass.

Only domestic travellers can check-in for flights online, but in 2009 Qantas will be expanding the service to customers flying internationally as well. You’ll be able to choose your seat when you book your ticket online for international flights, either when you book or later on.

Australian Personal Computer Magazine, who reported the story, pointed out that it only gets you past the check in queue, and doesn’t save you from the usual airport security screening. What happens, for example, in the situation where your iPhone runs out of battery, leaving you without a boarding pass?

Still it’s a good option for heavy users of the iPhone, and it’s good to see that Qantas are reaching out to provide more options for their customers – even if they are, for now, more style than substance.

Source: Australian Personal Computer Magazine