Cheap Macbooks Coming Soon

Is Apple about to roll out a MacBook that costs less than $US500?

The words “cheap” and “Apple” don’t usually go together, but if reports out of the US are to believed, the company might be in line to produce a sub US$500 laptop.

Mac fan site AppleInsider says they have a reliable source that the company will release versions of its 13-inch MacBook and iMac computers in the near future.

While Steve Jobs has been quoted that cheap laptop are nothing but a “piece of junk”, maybe the company has seen that there is a market for these kinds of netbooks with Medion, Acer and Asus all in the market for less expensive gear.

Add to that the economic downturn and maybe Apple has decided now is a good time as any to get into “if you can’t be ’em, join ’em” mode.

It’s also a sure sign that Jobs is no longer in charge.