CES: Samsung’s Super Slim TV Plus Its Macbook Air Killer

By Branko Miletic

CES has always been a happy hunting ground for Samsung and this year, the South Korean tech giant has wowed the crowds with a number of new products.

Samsung has gone all out in 2012 and rolled out its new range of super-slim TVs, with Smart Interaction, Smart Content and a dual-core processor allowing for better picture quality and the running of multiple apps simultaneously for faster uninterrupted experience, as well as a smoother web browsing experience.

If that wasn’t enough, it also unveiled its second generation Notebook Series 9 that boasts a thin and compact chassis with 2nd generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor. This light laptop has a 15-inch display fitted into a 14-inch chassis.

The flat 14.9mm thin design weighs 1.59kg and with a 2nd generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor, up to 8GB memory and 128GB SSD, the folks over at Apple may be a bit sorry they spent all that money on lawyers fighting the Galaxy Tab issue and not on tech development. This is because this new Series 9 will cause Apple plenty of headaches in the tight ultrabook market.

Could it be that 2012 will be the year of Samsung? – We shall see.