CES: Canon’s New Ultra-Sensitive Snapper

By Branko Miletic

Canon has launched the PowerShot G1X at CES, and it comes with a 1.5 type High Sensitivity CMOS sensor (14.3MP).

The unit has been designed to overcome the problems of capturing the detail in low light or varying light conditions whilst also achieving the creative effects that are typically associated with DSLR photography such as background blur, says Canon.

Through the combination of the 1.5 type 14.3 megapixel High Sensitivity CMOS sensor and a newly developed Canon f/2.8 lens (4x Optical Zoom and 28mm Wide Angle), the camera delivers light sensitivity with low noise, and high resolution with enhanced clarity.

Using a new DiG!C 5 image processor, it is claimed to deliver a new level of colour definition that shows off every shade in nature’s palette.

Also, the DiG!C 5 processor and new large-area 1.5 type CMOS sensor are optimised to work together, producing good pictures in dark situations with detail that is indiscernible to the human eye.

Furthermore, the maximum 1/4000 shutter speed combined with light sensitivity up to ISO 12800 enable sports shooting in dimly lit environments.

For those whose talents stretch beyond just still imaging, the PowerShotG1X also features full HD (1080p) digital video recording capabilities.

Its large sensor and six-blade iris diaphragm are made to combine to create a nice background blur to moving images as well as stills. The result is the photo or video subject being seen as the clear focus of the image, with background blurring beyond what most compact cameras have previously been able to produce, says Canon.