Cell Phone Signal Booster

Having trouble with your mobile reception? An American company claims it can solve that problem

Wilson Electronics has launched the Sleek, a mobile phone signal booster designed for use in a vehicle, or with an optional accessory package in the home or office.

Designed for use with a Bluetooth headset or other hands-free device, the Sleek it said to extend the calling range and signal strength. This means fewer disconnects, dropped calls, and no-service “dead zones,” and faster data transfer rates on 3G networks, claims Wilson.

How does it work?:

  • First, attach the outside magnetic mount antenna, which captures the weak cell tower signal
  • Second, plug the Sleek’s power adapter into the cigarette lighter
  • Third, attach the cable from the outside antenna to the dash-mounted Sleek cradle
  • Fourth, place phone in the cradle of the Sleek and connect with your wired hands-free device or Bluetooth headset.

The roof-mounted antenna receives the phone’s signal from the cell tower and sends it to the Sleek cradle via cable. The signal is then boosted by the Sleek’s built-in amplifier and then transmitted to the cell phone by its built-in antenna. The process is then repeated in reverse to send a boosted cell phone signal back to the cell tower.

While this will not be available in Australia, the technology makes interesting reading, and there is room for such a device in the local market.