Canon Doubles HandyCam Memory

Canon’s two new digital video cameras offer 64GB of in-built memory

With 64BG built-in memory and an additional SD card slot, Canon’s new handycams can be used for shooting for extended periods, says the manufacturer.

Both the LEGRIA HFS11 and LEGRIA HF21 have Face Detection for video captures up to 35 faces in a single frame, tracking each face and automatically adjusting the focus and exposure, to ensure everyone looks their best.

The Video Snapshot means with the press of a button, users can capture four-second video clips, which can be arranged into a movie that can be played back with music.

Canon’s LEGRIA DV cameras come loaded with five songs and users can upload music from their own collection to create the right mood for their digital video masterpiece.

The LEGRIA HFS11 comes with an 8.0 megapixel FULL HD CMOS sensor, a Canon HD Video Lens with a 10x Optical Zoom, and the new DIG!C DV III processor, image capture size is almost three times greater than FULL HD resolution.

The pocket-sized LEGRIA HF21 has up to nine hours of recording time. A high resolution 3.3 megapixel image sensor and new DIG!C DV III processor, which records data at the maximum AVCHD rate of 24Mbps, combine to deliver 1920×1080 FULL HD video.

LEGRIA HFS11 $2,500
LEGRIA HF21 RRP $1,799