Borderless LCDs From LG

LG unleashes its latest range of LCDs with a few new interesting features

LG Electronics’ Borderless range of Full HD LED LCD TVs have a single layer screen that represents the future of television design and offers consumers a more sophisticated choice in televisions, claims the manfucturer.

The SL90 Full HD LED LCD TV uses an LED backlight and injection compression molding technology and film lamination to eliminate the gap between the screen and the bezel. A special sheet of laminate film completes the SL90’s flat surface, causing the boundary between screen and the bezel to vanish while also reducing glare. The result is a uniform, uninterrupted surface from edge-to-edge, with no visible borders. The screen and bezel are the same deep shade of black all the way across and LG even carried this down to the glass-like stand. The unit has a depth of 2.9cm.

An LED backlight helps produce a high dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 for truer blacks and finer gradations between greys. An anti-glare Full HD 1080p screen reduces reflections. For fast-moving action, LG’s TruMotion 100Hz technology improves sharpness and fine detail while reducing motion trails.

With LG’s invisible speakers, the SL90 sounds good without the need for unsightly speaker grilles that would ruin the TV’s aesthetic, claims LG. The speaker is hidden on the bottom of the set.

This unit also has the ability to connect wirelessly to a library of digital content. Bluetooth brings music and photos from compatible mobile phones directly to the big screen without any cables. This same technology can be used to connect wireless headphones for private listening. A USB 2.0 port hidden on the SL90’s back opens digital media options even wider, playing JPEG, MP3, MPEG4 and DivX files from external hard drives, memory cards (through a memory card reader) or thumb drives.

The second model in the range is the SL80 Full HD LCD TV. Unlike most other LCD TVs, where the panel is recessed slightly within a thick plastic frame, the SL80 has a single-layer design that sets the panel flush with the narrow bezel surrounding it.

Also featuring ICM Technology to create a more unified and sleeker look for the TV, the SL80 utilises LG’s laminating technology, preserving the SL80’s looks by making the TV scratch

The Full HD SL80 uses LG’s TruMotion 200Hz technology is said to reduce motion blur and streaking for fast moving images, using scanning backlight technology. This also brings the TV’s response time down to 2 ms. In addition, a 150,000:1 dynamic fine contrast ratio brings more depth to every scene, with blacks that are dark as night and vivid colours.

SL90 47-inch $3,799
SL90 42-inch $3,099
SL80 55-inch $4,499
SL80 47-inch $2,799
SL80 42-inch $2,299
SL80 37-inch $1,799

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