Blu-ray Burner For HD Recording

  • Record up to nine hours of HD video
  • 12x writing speed
  • Fits into mini PC cases

Lite-On has released a Blu-ray disc drive, the iHBS212 internal 12x SATA Blu-ray writer, which is equipped with Blu-ray burning capabilities.

With Blu-ray writing functionality, the iHBS212 is said to have a speedy start up, SATA interface technology and 12x writing speed allows the iHBS212 to burn up to 25GB on a layer disc or a maximum 50GB on a double layer disc. Furthermore, with its short body design, the iHBS212 fits in the minimum length drive bays of mini PC cases and home theatre PCs.

Users can record nine hours of high definition video, thousands of high resolution photos or back up vital business documents. Play full high definition videos at 1080p using the included Cyberlink BD Solution software suite with PowerDVD discs, reducing operational noise, read errors, and performing perfect burns on a wide range of media.

According to a survey by Connected Consumer in Europe, Blu-ray players lead all other consumer electronics devices in Internet video viewing among Western Europeans, in addition to gaming consoles.

The unit also incorporates a self-balancing design with Auto Balance Spindle (ABS) which decreases body vibration caused by unbalanced discs, in turn reducing operational noise and read errors ensuring good functionality and playback, claims Lite-On.