Bigger Screen For DSi

Nintendo’s latest portable console comes with an array of new features.

Nintendo’s new DSi XL handheld console is a larger console than it predecessor, which contains bigger screens than previous models, a wider viewing angle, the ability to immediately play with pre-installed software, longer battery life, improved sound, and a new, larger stylus.

The screens on Nintendo DSi XL are 4.2-inch, which makes the screen on Nintendo DSi XL 93 per cent bigger than the Nintendo DS Lite.

The Nintendo DSi Browser is just one of the bonus pre-installed software options that comes free with Nintendo DSi XL. Other software already pre-installed includes:

  • Clubhouse Games – Express Card Classics.
  • A Little Bit of… Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: Arts Edition – features various challenges based on words, pictures and music that you can use regularly to keep your brain sharp in just a few minutes a day.
  • Photo Clock – Photo Clock turns your Nintendo DSi XL into a photo frame with added clock and alarm functions.
  • Flipnote Studio – Flipnote Studio is an application that can be used as a notepad along with the stylus. Users can also replay a number of pages of the memo pad to create animated sequences.

The unit will be available from April 15.