Beware Of Online Tricks During Halloween

  • Offers of personal gifts for Halloween
  • Trying to get you to buy Halloween-related costumes
  • Opening spam gives scammers access to computer

Halloween themed e-mails are being used to disguise online scams, often with the promise of fun, free and “too good to be true” offers of gifts. To date, Norton has witnessed e-mails advertising jackpots, sweepstakes, gift cards, e-cards, personalised gifts, online contests, and even free print products and costumes.

Cybercriminals know that with Halloween coming up, people are looking for last minute party tips. By playing on people’s natural curiosity, these scammers are able to trick people into clicking on spam, giving up access to their computers and allowing them to steal their personal information.Below are some of the subject lines being used in the latest spam messages:

  • Subject: Halloween Treat Bags, Home Decorations, and More
  • Subject: Halloween Special! Up to 85% off ink and toner
  • Subject: Low Price Sexy Halloween Costumes on Sale! Free Shipping, Free Gift