BenQ’s Go The Eco Route

BenQ says its latest range of LED monitors that consume less than 44 percent in power than some other units.

BenQ Australia has released a new series of LED monitors that are said to consume around 44 percent less power than CCFL monitors; and up to 71 percent less whilst used in BenQ’s exclusive ‘Eco’ mode.

The V2420H and V2420HP – recipients of the prestigious iF product design awards, 2010 (Germany) – are claimed to be the world’s slimmest LED monitors.

Also, the V2410 is also being released – while not as slim this model is compact and designed for corporate use – it is height adjustable for added versatility and comfort. 
BenQ’s new LED monitors are packaged utilising 80 percent recycled material and the shell of the units is produced from 28 percent recycled plastic.

LED monitors offer high dynamic contrast, no light leakage for improved display of dark scenes, instant-on capability, and due to LED being a stable light source the monitors are flicker-free, which eases eye strain over long periods of use. 

They not only cost less to run but their manufacture is said to be 100 percent free of mercury.
The new monitors offer full 1080p High-Definition (HD) at 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as BenQ’s Senseye Human Visual Technology using its six proprietary calibration techniques.

V2420H: $479
V2420HP: $479
V2410T: $549

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