BenQ Camcorder A First

BenQ has entered the camcorder market with all guns blazing.

BenQ’s first ever camcorder will continuously record and store three seconds of footage before the actual record button is pressed.

Additional features include a Wind Cut option to reduce wind noise, HDMI, electronic image stabiliser, fade in/out effects, image gridlines, six lighting modes, and 5 X optical zoom.

Touch AutoFocus Lock is easily engaged on the 3-inch 16:9 touch screen and is designed to prevent the camera from continuing to autofocus while recording. This function is designed for action shots or scenes where lighting conditions might change during the recorded moment. Selecting AutoFocus Lock keeps whatever focus you have selected consistent throughout your recording, ensuring that the scene is captured exactly as is without the camcorder changing lighting or focus settings on you.

Dual Display enables preview and playback of clips to be shown on both the camcorder screen and on the TV (when connected). Preview and playback are also made versatile with up to 10 X digital preview zoom and 8 X digital playback zoom.

For cool opening and closing effects, users can engage Fade In/Out (available in black or white fade) prior to recording. To counter the wobbliness of an unsteady hand, an Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) function optimises movie results for Full HD 1080p viewing.