Belkin Windows 7 Enabled Wireless Router

Belkin has released a couple of products aimed specifically at homes with multiple PCs

Belkin has launched the The Double N+ wireless router and the Home Base Network USB hub, which are both designed for households with multiple PCs, providing cutting edge solutions to streamline the home computing experience.

This wireless router can be used for households with multiple internet users. It connects your home network to the internet over two separate frequencies, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency, essentially providing the functionality of two routers.

The lower frequency is suitable for people who want to surf the net and check email. However, the higher frequency offers a separate connection for higher volume users who need more bandwidth to download content, stream music or engage in online gaming. Both frequencies can be used together, enabling the whole household to enjoy fast, uninterrupted online access.

This router also features an in-built BitTorrent client. Computer users can elect to download content directly to an external hard drive via the router itself. They now have the freedom to shutdown their machines and even remove laptops from the home without disturbing the download process.

The Home Base Network USB hub enables multi computer households to share wireless access to printers, external memory devices and other computing peripherals.  Home Base works with your router to create a home server, allowing computer users to simultaneously access these devices.

Sharing is made simple – just connect your peripherals to the hub and you will enable access via your existing wireless connection. Now you can print wirelessly from any computer, access media files via your gaming console or internet-connected TV and even listen to music files from any connected device in the home.

Windows 7 Wireless Router $279.95
Home Base Network USB Hub $199.95