Bayonetta Receives High Rating

Third-person action title receives seal of approval from doyan of gaming review magazine

Sega’s Bayonetta has received a massive boost before its release with a recently published New Game Cross Review in the November 5th 2009 issue of Japan’s respected games magazine, Weekly Famitsu. The game achieved a perfect score of 40/40 for Xbox 360 and 38/40 for PS3, with both scores garnering a Platinum award.

“Traditionally high scoring games in Famitsu go on to perform very well at retail in both Japan and the rest of the world,” said Mike Hayes, CEO of SEGA America & SEGA Europe. “Platinum Games set out to deliver a game that redefines the 3D action genre, and we feel that they have set a benchmark for future games in the genre to aspire to.”

Big claims indeed. From the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, Bayonetta is a witch with powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals and face-off against countless enemies, evil forces and giant sized bosses.

It is set for release in Australia on January 7th 2010