Australian Review: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – No thrills fitness tracker

The Mi Band 2 might be cheap, but the real selling point is its insane battery life. After 17 days wearing the Mi Band 2, I still have 12% charge remaining. Even if it doesn't quite make the 20 days Xiaomi says the tracker is capable of, it still puts most other fitness trackers to shame. At most, you should only be charging it twice a month. With the Fitbit Alta, for example, I found I was charging it once a week.

It's not perfect, but the Mi Band 2 delivers in spades when it comes to bang for buck. Fitness junkies should look elsewhere, but if you just want a simple, affordable fitness tracker you can wear and forget about, the Mi Band 2 is it.

CyberShack's Mi Band 2 review unit was provided by GearBest. GearBest is currently selling the Mi Band 2 for AUD$59.62. CyberShack readers can get a couple of bucks off using the coupon GBMI2 

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