Australian Review: Verdun – Antithesis to the Modern Shooter

While Verdun may not be a game for everyone, it has niche appeal in spades. The plodding pace of its multiplayer battles is a significant change away from most of today's Rambo-esque firefights. Although there's been quite a few World War 2 shooters in the past, I don't know of many other World War 1 games, and even fewer in this genre; games like Verdun don't come along every day.

It's not a game I would suggest everyone to go out and buy, but it's definitely worthy of attention if the current trope of near-future weaponry, drones, and running around corners while shooting aren't that interesting to you.

Verdun was reviewed on Windows. It is also available for Mac and SteamOS. A single copy of the game can be purchased for USD$22.99, while a four-pack is billed at USD$55.99.

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