Australian Review: Sid Meier’s Starships – Bite-sized strategy

Sid Meier's Starships is a single player turn-based strategy game from a small team at Firaxis, makers of the lauded Civilization series, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In this game, the player is in control of a fleet of spacecraft with which they can explore the galaxy, meet other space-faring colonies and complete various missions.

When starting a game, you've got the choice of playing as one of three races or "affinities" (the same as in Civilization: Beyond Earth) and one of eight leaders. Both of these choices provide unique bonuses, such as cheaper ship repair, increased resource gathering, and an edge in starting tech. You can also choose their own victory condition. These are population, Science, Wonder and Domination.

When your empire has more than 51% of the galaxy's population, you win a population victory. Alternatively, you may choose to win with science, by having three technologies at max level; a wonder victory, by controlling seven wonders; or by simply going to war and conquering your enemies' homeworlds.

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