Australian Review: Samsung Series 8 55JS8000 55-inch SUHD TV – Going Quantum

The JS8000 is a rare slight in Samsung's TV line up; it's flat. Regular readers will know that while I don't hate curved TVs, I'm a little over them, so I'm pleased that Samsung is diversifying its higher-end line-up. Some people love curves, so let them have curves, but just let me have my good old fashioned flat TV too.

So yeah, the JS8000 is flat. That's a good start.

Flat screen aside, the JS8000 is a nice looking TV, much in line with what you'd expect from what's billed as a premium product. It's brushed aluminium frame gives the set a modern look, and the T-shaped stand is more space-economic than the dual-pronged approach used on some TVs.

If I was going to nit-pick, which I am, the bezel is slightly thicker on the left and right side when compared to the top and bottom. It's really not an issue, but the asymmetry kind of bugs me when I've got the TV off.

The JS8000 includes the "Mini" version of Samsung's One Connect Box. As with the JS9500, most of the TVs inputs have been relegated to thisunit, allowing Samsung to trim down the TV, and making it easier to swap cables around. On pricier TV sets, the non-Mini One Connect Box technically allows users to upgrade the TV's internals down the line, but this isn't the case with the Mini version bundled with the JS8000. The One Connect Mini is simply used for decentralising ports.

In terms of key inputs, the JS8000 has four HDMI ports, three USB ports (including one USB 3.0), an optical audio connector, and an Ethernet jack. You've also got component and composite if you still need for them legacy devices.

All of Samsung's 2015 TVs run its new smart TV operating system, Tizen. For the most part, Tizen is a big step forward in usability and friendliness; it's lean, clean and responsive. It's not quite as intuitive as LG's WebOS 2.0, but it's easily Samsung's best attempt at a smart TV operating system to date. Installing and switching between apps is easy, but some of the old fashioned smart TV chunkiness returns with a vengeance once you start digging through menus.

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