Australian Review: Samsung Portable SSD T1 – Legitimately Insane

Samsung's T1 fits a lot of storage into a comparatively small space;  it's smaller than a credit card. Impressively, the drive itself weighs a mere 30g. The included connector cable is somehow heavier than the T1; it feels like you're just carrying around a hollow plastic shell.

Carrying an additional cable around might seem like a little bit of a hassle, but a USB connector on the T1 itself would have caused it to impede on other ports, given the drive's width. While letting the T1 dangle out the back of your computer may seem precarious, the device's light load makes this a non-issue.

The T1 isn't out of this world when it comes to aesthetics, but some subtle texturing gives the drive a premium feel. From a distance, you could almost mistake for a small canister of men's cologne.

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