Australian Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Atonement

The Galaxy S6 family of smartphones was a big step forward for Samsung. The company changed tack and emphasised camera and design over just making devices with an ever expanding (but not necessarily useful) list of features. The S6 and (especially) S6 Edge were devices you could genuinely lust over.

While the S6 family looked great, Samsung made more than a few sacrifices in its pursuit of design, and unsurprisingly, this upset some diehard fans. After all, removable batteries and expandable storage have long been considered Android staples.

The Galaxy S7 family is Samsung's apology. Samsung hasn't atoned for all it sins, but removable storage is back, water resistance has made a return, and battery life is better. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge may be iterative devices, but they address the vast the majority of the Galaxy S6's problems.

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