Australian Review: Roccat Renga gaming headset – Too good to be true

The headphones sound decent, with acceptable (albeit light) bass response, but are a little muted in the treble range. Tracks like Alibi by Banks show off the bass, but lose sparkle in the high pitched vocal range. Sofa King by Dangerdoom, on the other hand, has a heavy focus on bassline and midrange that works well with the headset. The Renga isn’t built for music, but it’s nice to know you’ll still get sound quality from it. On the other hand, the Renga performs much better when you’re gaming; gunshots in Counter Strike: Global Offensive sound punchy and powerful, and going to warp speed in Elite: Dangerous sounds quite intense.

The microphone performs decently as well, with enough clarity for voice conversations. It’s far from the best I’ve heard and wouldn’t be ideal for recording or streaming, but it’s good enough for Skype or in-game voice chat.

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