Australian Review: Philips SHB8850NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – You get what you pay for

Philips’ new SHB8850NC wireless noise cancelling headphones retail for just AUD$199, the kind of price where you don’t often get noise cancelling features. They’re small, lightweight and very portable, and with their attractive faux metal exterior, they ought to fit in on the street.

Setting the headphones up with my phone was simple – the headphones feature NFC connectivity, enabling you to pair by simply tapping the headphones to compatible devices. For devices without NFC – namely, iPhones – you can use the sync button located on the headphones and look for them in your Bluetooth menu.

Once they’re set up, the controls on the headphones allow you to adjust volume, skip tracks, pause/play music, answer calls and toggle noise cancelling.

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