Australian Review: Pebble Time Steel – A Happy Medium

Being a regular watch-wearer and tech enthusiast, I was naturally excited to wrap the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch around my wrist. It’s the first smartwatch I’ve played with extensively, and while I was impressed by its capabilities, it’s by no means an essential device. The Pebble Time Steel is a gadget you want, just not one you need.

After you unbox the Pebble Time Steel and power it up, you’ll need to download a companion app available for both iOS and Android. The process is about as plug and play as it gets when it comes to Bluetooth devices, and should only take a few minutes. While the Pebble Time Steel does work with any iPhone running iOS 8 (starting with the 4s), it’s a much more passive device when paired with an Apple product. You lose the ability to reply to text messages with your voice, for example.