Australian Review: Panasonic Lumix CM1 – Let them eat cake

A camera can make or break a smartphone. The HTC One M9 was a solid phone let down by an average camera, while the iPhone's rear shooter has often been heralded as the reason to own an Apple-made handset. While Panasonic isn't known for smartphones, it's trying to eclipse the competition with the Lumix CM1. I can't decide if it's a phone that double as a point and shoot, or a point and shoot that's also a smartphone. Either way, it's clear Panasonic wants to have its cake and eat it too.

At its thickest, the Lumix CM1 is at least twice the breadth of the typical 2015 smartphone. If you stack three iPhone 6 units on top of one another, they'll still be a hair thinner than the Lumix CM1. To be fair, its protruding camera lens is largely responsible for this: the body is 15.2mm thick, but the camera takes it to 21.1mm.

Even if you don't mind a bulkier device, the Lumix CM1 isn't exactly ergonomic. I found the squared off edges to be uncomfortably when using the device as both a phone and as a camera. While many point and shoots – including Panasonic's own – feature handgrips for comfort and usability, this would be a little out of place on a smartphone.

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