Australian Review: OPPO R5 – The coolest midrange smartphone you can own

Final Thoughts
The OPPO R5 is a midrange phone, and as with most midrange phones, you make compromises. Admittedly, the OPPO R5 doesn't make too many – it's got a decent camera, decent processor, excellent screen, great call quality.

The one real concession that you have to make is a shorter-than-average battery life. Considering the R5 isn't an AUD$1000 flagship, I see this as forgivable, especially when you consider the integrated fast-charging and how damn thin it is. This will be a deal breaker for some, but if it's not, the R5 is worth considering if you're after something other than your standard Samsung or Apple high-end smartphone.

For the most part, the R5 is a great all-round device with an amazing aesthetic; like I said in the intro, easily the coolest midrange smartphone you can own. And if you don't mind a few scuffs and scratches, it's also a fantastic bottle opener. 

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