Australian Review: OPPO Find 7 – Bang for buck

Those familiar with the OnePlusOne will immediately recognise the Find 7's design – the two are almost identical. The two phones share the same elongated mould, but have slightly different button placement.

Aesthetically, the phone is tall and angular. While there are some subtle curves, I’d describe the Find 7 as blocky. This can lead to the device feeling somewhat ergonomic; maybe my hands are too small, but the lack of curvature made the phone a bit uncomfortable to hold one handed.

The Find 7's back is distinctly plastic and comes in two colour choices: White and "Astro Black". Both of these have a slightly different textured feeling which gives them a bit of grip, and comes across nicer than Samsung's infamous faux-leather.

Plastic back aside, the Find 7 certainly feels like a premium product.

In what seems like an odd design choice, the Find 7 reserves the traditional power button and volume rocker positions, putting the power button on the left and the volume on the right. After almost a week with the Find 7, I've still struggled to adjust to this.

The Find 7 uses the older style of Android hardware buttons, as opposed to the on-screen buttons featured by many newer phones. In addition, the Find 7 still features a "menu" button rather than the multitasking button found on the majority of today's Android handsets. The use of hardware buttons extends out the phone's form factor, making it almost too long.