Australian Review: Odallus: The Dark Call – New dog, old tricks

Each world has hidden areas that can be found behind breakable walls or through completing certain puzzles. Odallus’ puzzles are cryptic, but not the point where they become frustrating. I found they were intriguing enough to have a real sense of accomplishment upon figuring them out.

Odallus plays very well – the controls are tight and responsive. The player has quite a bit of air control and combat feels fluid. Combat itself requires a little finesse due to the delayed timing of follow up attacks, and missing a slash often means taking a hit. For the most part, Odallus is a solid platformer.

The game’s enemies are highly varied, with knights that charge into melee, wizards, floating ghosts, continually spawning zombies, bile-spewing plants and many others. Bosses in the game are quite deadly and frustrating beyond the second area; I took many, many attempts at the fourth area’s boss before beating it. Even more so than regular enemies, the bosses require patience and careful positioning to overcome, possibly even taking some practice runs to watch their attack patterns and figure out a defense against them.

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