Australian Review: Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera – A HD eye in the sky

What's an Arlo? 
To clarify, Arlo doesn't actually refer to the camera, but to Netgear's new smart home ecosystem. Much like Belkin with WeMo, Netgear is looking to build an integrated range of home automation products under one umbrella. Some will be manufactured by Netgear, while others will be built by other companies. At present, the Arlo Smart Home Security camera is Netgear's only Arlo product, but the company confirmed that LIFX smartbulbs will eventually be compatible with the ecosystem.

The initial Arlo bundles available in Australia will all come with a base station, the cornerstone of the Arlo ecosystem. Rather than interfacing directly with a modem or router, all Arlo products will instead communicate with the base station. At present, the base station can support up to 15 cameras when coupled with an "Elite" tier subscription (more on that later), but Netgear has yet to discuss how it will work with other compatible devices.

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