Australian Review: Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard – On the go

There's a lot of Bluetooth keyboards on the market, and with few exceptions, portability is always the goal. Typically, this is achieved by shrinking down the keyboard, but this can result in a lacklustre typing experience. Microsoft has taken a different approach to portability with its latest Bluetooth keyboard. Rather than making a small, cramped keyboard, Microsoft has made a full-sized keyboard that folds in half.

The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard will immediately be familiar to anyone who's used a Surface Type Cover. You've got reasonably sized, tactile keys embedded in a stiff-but-fabric-like shell. When folded in half, the Universal Foldable Keyboard is about the size of a CD case. When flat, it’s wider than Apple's wireless keyboard.

As the name might suggest, the Universal Foldable Keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices, whether they're PCs, tablets or smartphones. A button in the top right hand corner lets you tell the keyboard which operating system you're using, and you're able to simultaneously pair it with up to two devices.

Keys marked with a "one" and a "two" let you switch between your paired devices, while a long press of the button will allow you to pair a new one.

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