Australian Review: LG 65UC970T 65-inch Curved Ultra HD TV – Big picture

Final Thoughts
If you're in the market for a new TV, the 65UC970T is definitely worth a look at – but at the price point, I'd also be checking out LG's 55-inch High Definition OLED, model the 55EC930T, which retails for AUD$3999. If you asked me to pick between the 65UC970T and the 55EC930T, I'd pick the 55EC930T without a second though.

For me, the 55EC930T's lack of Ultra High Definition isn't a deal-breaker, after all, it's not exactly prevalent in Australia. More importantly, unless you're sitting right up next to the TV, the benefit of 4K won't be overly noticeable on a 55-inch or 65-inch TV. If you're not dead-set on a 65-inch TV, the 55-inch 55EC930T offers a much better value proposition than the 65UC970T, and will provide a more cinematic experience thanks to the OLED panel.

But if you're after a 65-inch Curved Ultra High Definition TV and aren't fussed about OLED, the 65UC970T is still a great option.

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