Australian Review: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – Feather-light and flexible

Final Thoughts
The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is one of the most innovative hybrids or Ultrabooks on the market; few rival the thin, lightweight design, the beautiful watchband hinge. While the Yoga 3 Pro is a great device to use, the battery life leaves a little to be desired and the Core M processor means it's underpowered compared to other Ultrabooks and hybrids. As such, the AUD$2,099 price tag can feel a little too much, especially considering you can buy a 13-inch MacBook Air and an iPad Air 2 for that price and still have leftover change, or alternatively a high-end Surface Pro 3 which is both more powerful and has a longer battery .

Conversely, not everyone wants to carry around two devices, and the Yoga 3 Pro is a rare-breed that is both a great tablet and a great laptop. Cutting edge-designs often come at a price, but if you want a sleek, stylish hybrid that works equally well as both a laptop and a tablet, the Yoga 3 Pro is a very compelling offering worth considering. 

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