Australian Review: Huawei WiFi Cube 4G – Freedom at a price

Vodafone's Huawei-manufactured WiFi Cube is being positioned as an alternative to a fixed line broadband connection. Essentially, Vodafone wants you to cut the cord on your Telstra ADSL or your Optus cable and have your home internet delivered via its 4G network. If you're a heavy downloader, you can almost certainly stop reading now – as soon as you pass the limit on Vodafone's comparatively small caps, you'll be up for AUD$10 per gigabyte. But if you're more of a moderate internet user, especially if you're a frequent traveller or move around a lot, it's worth taking a look at the WiFi Cube.

Customers have the option to buy the Cube outright for AUD$159 and pop in a prepaid SIM or on either a 12 or 24 month contract with varying amounts of data. These start at AUD$25 per month, over a 12 month period. A few of the available plans are detail below:

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