Australian Review: Huawei Watch Jewel & Elegant – Bling and brains

Blinged out, gold-plated smartwatches aren't typically the kind of gadgets I tend to review, mostly because I don’t think blinged out, gold-plated smartwatches really suit me. They really clash with my complexion. That, and you know, there aren't actually that many blinged out, gold-plated smartwatches around.

The Huawei Watch Jewel and Huawei Watch Elegant are Huawei's first smartwatches designed with a female audience in mind. They're based on the foundations of the original Huawei Watch (the internal hardware is almost identical), but they're been given a fresh coat of paint. Both pair an alligator-texture leather strap with a chunky gold watch. The Jewel's bezel is encrusted with Swarovski crystal, and the Elegant is instead adorned with a simple texture. My hair may be long and luscious, but I'm not exactly the target market for these watches.

With that in mind, I asked my partner for her thoughts. While she's not normally not a fan of big watches, she said she could easily see herself wearing the Elegant. On the other-hand, the Swarovski-studded Jewel was too ornate for her. It's not exactly a smartwatch for all occasions. Personally, I'd agree. The zirconia encrusted timepiece isn't something I'd want to wear to the gym, or even with just a casual outfit.

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