Australian Review: Huawei MediaPad M2 – Lives up to the name

Huawei’s new MediaPad M2 is part of a dying breed of tablets clinging to a widescreen aspect ratio. Microsoft went 3:2 to with the Surface Pro 3, while Samsung has instead opted for the distinctly iPad like 4:3. While 4:3 and 3:2 are arguably much better aspect ratios when it comes to productivity, nothing quite compares to wide screen when you want to watch a movie.

The MediaPad M2 is available in two configurations. A silver model boasting 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage, and a gold model that ups these to 3GB and 32GB respectively. Both share the same custom-made eight-core processor, and a gorgeous 1920×1200 8-inch display.

The silver MediaPad M2 is sold on contract through Vodafone, starting at AUD$34 per month with 2.5GB of data, while the gold model is sold outright for AUD$499. I was provided with the silver MediaPad M2 for this review.

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