Australian Review: HP Stream 11 – The best laptop under $1000 only costs $300

Final Thoughts
If you're looking for a cheap laptop, the HP Stream 11 is one of the best you can buy, especially if you want a device that runs Windows. Until you start spending over AUD$1,000, most budget devices share the same flaws as the HP Stream 11: an average display, limited performance and a bad trackpad. Sure, an AUD$500 laptop might have also come with a touchscreen and backlit keyboard, but do you really need those on a device that won't do much more than run Office and your browser of choice?

The HP Steam 11 is a cute little machine that represents excellent value, especially considering the fact it includes a year of Office 365. You can even take the money you saved on Office to buy yourself a Bluetooth mouse and a SD card for some extra storage.

I imagine the Stream 11 would make a great, affordable back-to-school device for note-taking and homework, or a spare laptop around the house. If you weren't stuck with a choice of a blue or pink paintjob, the Stream 11 would even be a capable machine for most basic office work. If all you want is a bare-bones Windows and Office experience and have to patience to wait an extra few seconds here and there, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the HP Stream 11.

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