Australian Review: HP Pavilion 15 – Utilitarian

In some ways, the HP Pavilion 15 feels a little anachronistic. While the typical notebook in 2015 is skinnier than a supermodel or plays some sort of transforming trick, the Pavilion 15 is more of a good old fashioned laptop. It's a little bulky, it actually has connectors other than just a USB port, and it's the only notebook I've seen with a DVD drive this year. While kicking it old school isn’t a bad thing (especially if you're Snoop Dogg or Metallica), HP has sacrificed portability for a slew of legacy features. As such, the Pavilion 15 is much more the kind of laptop you keep at home or at the office. You'll move it from room to room, but you're sure as hell not taking it out the door.

The HP Pavilion 15 comes in a plethora of hardware configurations; users have the choice of anything between an Intel Core i3 to Core i7 processor, and if that doesn't suit, an option to kit it out with an AMD chip. I was provided with an i3 model for purpose of this review, and its internals are as follows:

Intel Core i3 5010 CPU clocked at 2.1GHz
4GB of RAM
15-inch 1080p touchscreen
Intel Integrated HD Graphics 5500
500GB HDD (27GB of which are used for a recovery partition)

This model retails for AUD$799.

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