Australian Review: GRID Autosport – Blurred Lines

I tested out the Xbox 360 version of Autosport, and while the game features solid graphics, it doesn't compare to what is possible on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, making it look a little dated. Fortunately, those playing on the PC are able to download a high-resolution, 4K texture pack for free. I wasn't able to test this, but it's a great move on Codemaster's behalf, especially considered recent controversy where PC games have been artificially limited to console level hardware.

With the diversity of race styles and granular difficulty settings, almost anyone who likes racing games should be able to find something to love in GRID Autosport. Each race is surprising and suspenseful, and the game itself is realistic enough to give you a strong sense of skill and accomplishment, while still being forgiving enough to make sure non racing-drivers can enjoy it.

At the end of the day Autosport is pretty simple. There’s nothing ground-breaking about the campaign or the graphics, but it provides a great racing experience; it's just plain fun. Autosport is a polished and magnificently executed racing game that doesn’t claim to be anything else. It walks the line between arcade and simulation in a way that few other racing games can manage and for that alone it's worth a look.


  • Realistic, but forgiving handling
  • Advanced AI keep every race interesting
  • Fine control over difficulty settings


  • You can’t pick your car in career mode
  • Career mode can feel repetitive at times

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