Australian Review: Foxtel iQ3 – Too little, too late

Final Thoughts 
iQ3 may be Foxtel's attempt at reinventing itself, but it doesn't go far enough. There's a lot of good ideas, but the implementation just isn't there. The lack of high definition streaming is inexcusable, and advertising in Anytime content is a little offensive when you’re already paying a hefty monthly subscription fee.

That being said, the iQ3 makes great strides when it comes to usability, and existing Foxtel subscribers will no doubt find value from the revamped interface and brand new home menu. The iQ3 makes it much easier to discover new content, and improves on the family's core functionality.

But when you're looking at the big picture, iQ3 is unlikely to win Foxtel new subscribers. It's a great set-top box, but its online functionality already feels dated when you compare it to the likes of Netflix and Stan. If Foxtel hopes to survive the streaming revolution, it's got a lot more work to do.

Victoria Sommella and Marc D'Amici also contributed to this review.

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